National multipartite meeting on the SOLiD Charter

Date : 16-17 May 2023
Amman, Jordan
Arab Trade Union Organization (ATUC), Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND), Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (BUSINESSMED)

About SOLiD II

The EU co-funded project “Promotion of Social Dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean Neighborhood” is the continuation of the SOLiD Pilot project, which aims at promoting multipartite social dialogue practices in the Southern side of the Mediterranean.

The SOLiD pilot project targeted Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia and the second phase includes three new countries Algeria, Lebanon, and Palestine. The goal is to support the efforts of the beneficiaries in building an inclusive and structured social dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean Countries, reinforcing economic and social councils, and gradually opening up the dialogue to civil society organizations.

To achieve this, the SOLiD Secretariat planned to conduct several field activities and exchange of best practices in each target country to build a common understanding of challenges related to social dialogue and to work towards harmonizing social development goals across the region. To further this effort, a second regional seminar is being planned in Lebanon that will bring together the main partners from local authorities, professional associations and social and economic councils  to continue working and cooperating on specific aspects highlighted in the SOLiD charter and related to socio- economic challenges at national and regional levels.

Main objectives of the multipartite meetings

The multipartite meetings are one of the backbone activities of SOLiD 2, aiming at integrating the charter on the promotion of social dialogue into institutionalized national action plans in the target countries. Three National group meetings per pilot country are foreseen. The first group meetings will bring together experts on the thematic issues exposed in the SOLiD charter as well as the key stakeholders (TU, EMP, CSOs, ESCs, professional associations, etc.). The last National multipartite meetings will initiate a structural debate with the representatives of the governments and local authorities, on the means of implementation of SOLiD national action plans in presence of the representatives of the EU delegations, ESCs, etc.

The first meeting is scheduled to take place in Amman on May 16 and 17, 2023.

Structure of the event

The event will be a two-day meeting gathering social partners in Jordan along with civil society organizations in order to initiate a discussion on the preliminary outcomes of the thematic studies conducted by the experts mandated.

The format of the discussions will essentially be thematic working groups.

Participants will have the opportunity to confront the results of the situation in Jordan and determine key orientations for future discussions in order for the charter to be implemented.